February 21, 2006

The Kingsbury Manx – The Kingsbury Manx

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The Kingsbury Manx - The Kingsbury Manx
The Kingsbury Manx formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S., in 1999, with their first self titled debut released in 2000. It is full of English flavours and tender melodies.
The opener “Pageant Square” sets the atmosphere of the album immediately from the first few beats. Humming organs, acoustic guitar, gently played percussions, dreamy Pink Floyd-ish vocals. The Sound is amazingly warm.
Track two “Regular Hands” makes you think of early Pink Floyd era again. Influence is more than obvious.
“Piss Diary” is the track three on the album and probably my albums favourite. It is based on simple acoustic guitar strumming, strings, gentle percussions and beautiful dreamy vocals. Repetitive catchy melody makes you think of bands such as Slowdive or Ride.


February 10, 2006

God Machine – Scenes from the Second Storey

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God Machine - Scenes from the Second Storey
I tell you right at the beginning that this is one of my all time favourite albums ever.
A band based around Robin Proper-Sheppard, Jimmy Fernandez and Ron Austin originally coming from San Diego, moving to New York and finally to UK.

God Machine‘s debut album Scenes from the Second Storey was released in 1993 and it still sounds huge and very experimental. The killer guitar riffs, layers of atmospheric sounds, huge drums, bulldozer sounding bass all accompanied by Sheppard’s intense vocals. Oh! Heaven!


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