January 28, 2006

Antony and the Johnsons – I Am a Bird Now

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Antony and the Johnsons - I Am a Bird NowI Am a Bird now is Antony Johnson’s second full length album released in February 2005. Antony is a very versatile artist. He worked with Boy George, Lou Reed and other famous names. Antony participated in couple of underground movies and cabarets. There is a slight uncertainty about his sexual orientation what makes him even more mysterious. Woman trapped in man’s body? What does it matter lets talk about Antony’s beautiful music.

“Hope There’s Someone who take care of me when I die..” first lines of the albums opening track “Hope there is someone”. Antony’s fragile almost gospel like emotional singing accompanied with a simple grand piano arrangement and layers of Antony’s backing vocals makes this track absolutely electrifying.

“My Lady Story” introduces string section, flute, drums, bass accompanied again by grand piano. Most of the other tracks on “I Am a Bird now” album are played in the similar musical instrument arrangement. The songs are mostly in mellow and middle paced tempo.

As highlights of the “I Am a Bird now” album I would definitely recommend “Man Is the Baby” with crying strings.
“You Are My Sister” a duet with Antony’s soul brother Boy George.
“Fistful of Love” is probably the fastest song of the album with Brass section and Lou Reeds guitar.
The album finishes with beautiful ballads “Spiralling” with Devendra Banhart’s vocals and “Bird Gerhl”

Antony’s personal lyrics play a very important part in his music. “I Am a Bird now” is definitely one of the most beautiful albums of the year 2005.

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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