February 20, 2006

Arab Strap – The Last Romance

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Arab Strap - The Last Romance
Arab Strap was formed in 1995 in Scotland by vocalist Aidan Moffat and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton. The Last Romance is I believe their eight full length album. If you’re familiar with their earlier releases you call up a very depressive, sad and beautiful music stripped down to a simple drum machine arrangements accompanied by acoustic guitar and Moffat’s tired vocals. Oh and those lyrics! Very pornographic, but in Arab Strap’s case, it is not necessarily a bad thing… The melodies are usually very catchy after few listenings.

Through the years the duo worked on loads of different side projects such as the super band The Reindeer Section (Delgados, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai..) They also worked on their solo projects, Aidan’s Lucky Pierre and Malcolm released two excellent solo albums (5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine 2003, Into the Woods 2005)

From album to album they included more and more instruments in their recordings. Beautiful string arrangements, organ, piano, female vocals and live drums mostly provided by Arab Straps colleagues friends musicians.

Talking about Arab Strap’s latest release “The Last Romance” there really isn’t that much new happening on this album comparing to what we heard before. The only thing I would point is that the songs are much more upbeat and that the drums are played live. As my personal opinion I very much prefer slower more intimate part of the album, I think that is where Arab Strap are the strongest.

And finally surprise, surprise: lyrics are still about drinking and shagging.

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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