December 28, 2005

Depeche Mode – Playing the Angel

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Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel
I can’t think of a better album to write about in my first Depeche Mode review at AllOddMusic as their latest release “Playing the Angel”.

I used to be a big fan of DM, but unfortunately they lost me for a while, probably after their “Ultra” album released in 1997. Main reason why I loved these boys so much was that there was always something new to explore when listening to their music. Every listening used to be an adventure.
I haven’t felt like that with their later releases though. I was very pleasantly surprised after I first heard their newest album “Playing the Angel”.

Old analogue synths, dark strange sounds, beautiful catchy melodies, David and Martin’s confident singing… What else you need?

My Favourite Tracks:

Suffer Well: Dominating Martin’s guitar. Catchy melodies. One thing I really like is the distorted sound of guitar, very unusual and new for DM. There is always something happening. Song is stacked by layers of sounds and interesting effects.

Sinner In Me: Dark intro. Almost like Massive attack sounding Beat develops into more positive chorus. Again introducing new sounds. My favourite bit> last 1.5min of the track opens by distorted guitar riff and builds up into a dark drum’n’bassy finish. Goose bumps guaranteed.

Precious: Perfect choice for a single!! It reminds me of the “Violator” era with a touch of early Erasure.

Lilian: Depeche Mode as we all know them in their best form.

The Darkest Star: Another one of Martin’s songs. It is the last track on the album. I love the big distorted piano sound!

I am very pleased boys! Fantastic album! Depeche Mode are back in business!! Full of energy and creativity, this is amazing especially after them being together for 25 years!

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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