January 28, 2006

dEUS – Pocket Revolution

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dEUS - Pocket RevolutiondEUS released a new album!! Yes!! It’s been 6 years since their latest release “The Ideal Crash” 1999. dEUS come from Belgium and you may or may not know them by their previous fantastic albums “Worst Case Scenario” 1995, “In a Bar, Under the Sea” 1999 or “The Ideal Crash” 1999.

I was very excited when listening to their new album “Pocket Revolution” for the first time. The opener “Bad Timing” caught my attention from the very first moment. A very dEUS-like song structure, slow build up with familiar vocals and an expected explosion somewhere halfway through the song.

Nice! A Pretty good start of the “Pocket Revolution”Album. But what happens next is very unexpected and disappointing. As we precede from track to track dEUS are loosing my attention till they completely loose me.

What happened boys? Is it the production or we just simply run out of fresh ideas?

I guess the highlight of the album is supposed to be the “Pocket Revolution” track. It sounds pretty good till the choir section of the song. This is Bad! It makes me want to skip the song right away. What about the rule “less is more”? To me it sounds like that they’re trying to squeeze into the song as much as possible till the result doesn’t make much sense at all.

There are few examples of typical dEUS songs like “Include Me Out” that would suit previous dEUS albums well. Maybe just leftovers from previous recordings or B-Sides?

What I loved about dEUS was the combination of unmistakable violin and loads of unusual sounds and melodies. But with this album I really don’t know. I’ve tried few times. You know how with the best albums ever, it takes few attempts till you recognise the hidden harmonies and jewels of the song? Well this time it just simply didn’t happen. I’m sorry but I expected much more, this album sounds very average. Especially after 6 years.

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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  1. I haven’t heard the name dEus for years.

    Comment by Dorian — February 16, 2006 @ 6:43 pm

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