February 1, 2006

Great Lake Swimmers – Bodies and Minds

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Great Lake Swimmers - Bodies and Minds
Great Lake Swimmers is a band based around a singer/song writer Tony Dekker. Great Lake Swimmers are coming from cold Toronto, Canada. “Bodies and Minds” 2005 is their second album following their first self tilted debut “Great Lake Swimmers” released in 2003.

“Bodies and Minds” was recorded in St Theresa’s Church in Ontario. What a perfect recording environment with a natural reverb and great acoustics! Apparently when recording and mixing the “Bodies and Minds” album, there was hardly any sound processing applied. No effects or dynamic processing, just a pure sound captured during their church recordings.

“Bodies and Minds” is a beautiful set of deep, melancholic, almost hymn like songs with Tony Dekker’s highly personal and sometimes painfully honest lyrics. The instrumentation is mainly acoustic with a bit of Banjo and Piano in some of the songs.

All of the songs are very pleasing to listen to. If I would have to point out any “special” ones it would probably be the “Falling into the Sky” recorded with the London Ontario Community Singers Choir.

I would also recommend “Bodies and Minds” to all the sad souls and fans of Mark Kozelek, Red House Painters and all the sadcore/folk fans.

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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