January 28, 2006

Hope of the States – The Lost Riots

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Hope of the States - The Lost RiotsHow painful it must be, to loose a long time friend, musician when you are only weeks from releasing your debut album. This is exactly what happened to Hope of the States when they lost their guitarist founder James Lawrence after he committed suicide. It must be very sad especially after all these years of hard work and only a touch away from success.

The first track of the album “The Black Amnesias” is a pumped up instrumental guitar storm reminding me of rockers Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky. Track two “Enemies – Friends” sets a slightly different direction of the album. Brit pop at its Best? But there is much more to it a we proceed from track to track.

I have to say that Sam Herlihy’s vocal isn’t the best feature of Hope of the States, it is the whole blend of instruments, violins, piano and very smart composing that makes Hope of the States so strong. It is not just repeating of patterns, each song has something special/unique to it. There is a whole range of different moods and influences on the album. There is even a bit of country in “George Washington” tune.
My personal jewels of the album are the slower songs with loads of piano and violins such as “Don’t Go to Pieces”, “Me Ves Y Sufres” , ”Goodhorsehymn” or “Black Dollar Bills”.

Producer Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros) did an excellent job as well. Some of the piano and violin parts actually remind me of Sigur Ros a lot. The “Lost Riots” is a very well balanced album with fresh feel to it. I don’t think you can get bored of it that soon.
I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more Hope of the States music.

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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