February 1, 2006

Malcolm Middleton – Into the Woods

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Malcolm Middleton - Into the  Woods
Multi instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton is the half brain of the Scottish band Arab Strap and Into the Woods (2005) is his second solo album. For the first time we could hear Malcolm singing solo on his debut “5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine the Pawn Art School Dance Doo-Dah” released in 2003.

Comparing these two albums his new release “Into the Woods” sounds much more confident and less messy than its predecessor. Malcolm’s vocals are much cleaner and just as capable as his Arab Strap’s partners Aidan Moffat.

Lyric’s vice it’s still the same old cursing Malcolm, feeling down all the time and making jokes on his own expense. It is hard to say whether we should take them seriously or not.

A new feature of his “Into the Woods” album is the experimenting with different not Arab Strap moods, ideas and faster beats “Loneliness Shines”, “Monday Night Nothing”.

There are definitely few beautiful ballads such as “Devastation”, “Autumn”,” Burst Noel” with violin and piano arrangements.

I really like the “Choir” track, with its electronic beat developing into beautiful melodies. Very smart!

I am amazed by the big potential of Arab Strap songwriters, they both are remarkably productive and I just don’t understand how they can handle all that booze!

“Into the Woods” is a very fresh and balanced collection of great songs. 46 minutes of the album pass by as quickly as a summer storm without a second of hesitation. Oh, and that Scottish accent! Loving It!

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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