May 11, 2006

Mogwai – Mr.Beast

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Mogwai - Mr. BeastScottish Mogwai are back again with their latest release Mr Beast (2006). The opener “Auto Rock” is a warm piano based track that keeps on building up until it explodes to a heavy super intense track two: “Glasgow Mega-Snake” – a pure heaven of squealing guitars and electric noise.
We calm down with the “Acid Food”, an electronic beat driven track with a bit of a singing and a very “country” sounding slide guitar.
The rest of the album is a mixture of similar moods. The heavier tracks on this Mr. Beast album: “Travel Is Dangerous” or the closing track “Were No Here” are definitely one of the most intense pieces Mogwai has ever recorded.

Quieter more delicate tracks such as: “Team Handed”, “Friend of the Night” or “Emergency Trap” are mainly based around dominant piano, what is a new very interesting feature of Mr. Beast.
The Album consists of 10 tracks and its total length is about 43 minutes. Songs are obviously shorter, averaging in 3-4 minutes each, which I think was a very smart move. It makes the whole album sounding very fresh. Also balanced order of songs with different moods and tempo keep up the tension through the whole 43 minutes and makes Mr. Beast a very spontaneous-sounding album.

Mr. Beast is probably Mogwai’s best work to a date yet. It is an amazing effort especially these days when there is so many bands trying to sound just the same.
Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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