December 14, 2005

Sigur Ros – Takk…

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Sigur Ros - Takk
Impatiently awaited new album of Icelanders Sigur Ros is finally out. It has been 3 years since their latest () release in 2002. Expectations were very high, so let’s dig in and rip this album apart.

About a 2 minute opening Intro gets us all excited wandering what is going to be next. It dissolves into a second track Glósóli with strangely sounding and played Kick drum. It almost sounds like it’s been wired up through a Rotating Lesley cabinet when recorded. It is accompanied with a warm sounding bass guitar and beautiful vocals. Typical bow played guitar goes off at the last 1.5 minute of the track. Very heavy and distorted sound new for Sigur Ros. Maybe too much of a distortion for my taste, it could be the recording though. I’m sure it would sound amazing live.

Hoppípolla is another single from Takk… album. It is a very optimistic and happy sounding track for Sigur Ros accompanied with reversed strings and a horn section. Very nice track.

Meo Blódnasir works well as Outro for Hoppípolla. The Final touch. Perfect.

Sé Lest. Oh, Heaven! This is beautiful. Close to tears vocals, accompanied with Amina string quartet. Almost like a children’s lullaby with a Brass band finish.

Saeglopur opens up by 2 minutes of piano, vocals a twinkling sounds before is explodes into 5 minutes of group noise which keeps on building up till it dies. Drums and Piano dictate the tempo and dynamics of the track. Piano obviously has the quieter bits.

Milanó is another beautiful 10 minute epic a’la Sigur Ros. It could easily be a part of their super sad previous () album. I am amazed how skilfully Sigur Ros can turn some unorganized noisy chaos into a beautiful melody. It is definitely one of the highlights of the album.

Gong is a happy and faster track by boys. Drums, especially snare sounds very compressed and almost like playing cans. It’s a very interesting approach of processing the sound. Experimenting is the way.

Andvari. We’re crying again. This is how we know Sigur Ros from their () album. Strings by AminaminA come in exactly when needed. What a beautiful blend.

We’re used to hearing strange fragile ambient sounds from Sigur Ros. They’ve always been looking for some new unique ways of creating and manipulating sounds. Amina fairies play a very important and more obvious part of their music composing. They have become an official string quartet of Sigur Ros and they play with them live. If we look back and compare Takk.. to it’s predecessors, the album is more uplifting and happier. Especially comparing to () album. Takk.. combines the best of Sigur Ros work since Von (1997) and Boys are definitely growing musically. Some of the new songs on Takk.. are so beautiful that I could just slit my wrist and die peacefully… I’ve heard it all…

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

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