February 10, 2006

God Machine – Scenes from the Second Storey

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God Machine - Scenes from the Second Storey
I tell you right at the beginning that this is one of my all time favourite albums ever.
A band based around Robin Proper-Sheppard, Jimmy Fernandez and Ron Austin originally coming from San Diego, moving to New York and finally to UK.

God Machine‘s debut album Scenes from the Second Storey was released in 1993 and it still sounds huge and very experimental. The killer guitar riffs, layers of atmospheric sounds, huge drums, bulldozer sounding bass all accompanied by Sheppard’s intense vocals. Oh! Heaven!

I remember years back that “Home” was the very first track I’ve heard of God Machine. It caught my attention right away. It begins with female eastern European choir and develops into and absolute guitar noise heaven. I used to be a big Ministry fan and God Machine’s sound just absolutely hammered me.

There is lot more to it than just loud guitar noise. God Machine went even further on extended pieces like “Purity” and “Seven”. God Machine’s rock art music has a strange cinematic effect to it. The use of unconventional instruments, hypnotic riffs ethereal vocals won’t leave you uninterested.

Scenes from the Second Storey needs a lot of attention. There are a lot of hidden specialties and the CD needs to be played over and over to be able to fully appreciate it. At the end you just fall in love with it and every time you play it, it is going to be a special occasion for you. Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

Rating: SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
[rate 5]

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  1. This album always reminds me of the New Years Eve (what year was it?) dancing to this album… Good times!

    Comment by S — February 21, 2006 @ 8:15 pm

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